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Really Tough Math Question:

Three guys go into a hotel and decide to share a room to save costs.

The hotel rate is $30 for the room, so, each of the men give the clerk $10.

After the men have left to go up to their room, the clerk realizes that the room is only $25, so he gives the bellhop five dollars to return to the men.

On the way to the room, the bellhop reasons that the three men can’t split $5 easily, so he pockets $2 and returns $3, one dollar each, to the three men.

So… the men have paid $9 each.

3 x 9 = $27
The Bellhop has $2
Which totals $29

Hmmm...What happened to the thirtieth dollar?

Rosie?? I can see you! Did you and your friends do something with that money?

Hey!! wait a minute, isn't that a Dollar Store frisbee?!?